Small Dog Grooming

Small Dog Grooming and Grooming Specials

When a person chooses a small dog or puppy of a breed that needs grooming regularly, they must plan on finding a local dog grooming service. If a person does not want the inconvenience or expense of regular dog grooming, they should purchase a dog that does not require this type of care. But these dogs are so beautiful and lovable, that they are worth the grooming expenses that may be involved. To save money, choose a groomer nearby that has regular grooming specials.  

Small Dog Breeds That need Frequent Grooming

The small dog breeds that need a lot of grooming include:

  • Bichon Frise
  • Cairn
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Cocker spaniel
  •  Scottish Terrier. Wire fox Terrier
  •  Chinese Crested
  •  Havanese
  • Lhaso Apso
  • Maltese
  • Papillion
  • Pomeranian
  • Poodle
  • West Highland
  • Shih Tzu

These dogs need the grooming for more than looks. Dogs of these breeds left without regular grooming and hair cuts will suffer with matted fur or hair and other health problems.  The right haircut keeps a small dog cool in the summer, clean, and mat-free.

Common Small Dog Cuts

Each breed has an approved cut and grooming style. But there are cuts that are good for many small dogs and puppies.

  • A teddy bear cut. This cut is achieved by trimming the hair on the head a little longer than the trim length on the dog’s body.
  • A puppy cut can be used on any age dog and it is low maintenance. It is done weekly and the hair is trimmed the same 2- inch length all over. The puppy cut is good for toy breeds.
  • A lamb cut makes a dog look similar to a lamb with a short all over trim. The short cut is repeated every 6 to 8 weeks. This is a good style for the summer heat.
  • For long-haired small dogs the lion cut is popular. For this cut the body is cut short and the head and jaw are cut longer. The tail is cut short up to the end which is left longer like a lion’s.
  • The poodle cut keeps hair really short on most of the body with longer hair left on the top of the head and around the dog’s neck.
  • Choosing to have a dog shaved is an extreme choice most used on dogs with very matted fur or skin irritation. Always specify the final hair length.
  • The kennel cut is all one length and is used for convenience for the owner. It is a cut where the owner can choose the hair or fur length.
  • The clean face cut is good for dogs who like to sniff everything. The cut allows for more of a dog’s face to show, fur is left on the head to keep the dog warm, but its nose and mouth have room left around them.
  • The topknot cut is popular and creates a nice furry poof on the very top of a dog’s head. The edges are clean and round for a sophisticated look.

These cuts will work with many breeds of dogs, but some breeds have special cuts. When a person takes their dog to be groomed it is good to take the advice of a trusted, experienced groomer. Long rides with a dog can be uncomfortable so choose the nearest pet groomer of quality.

Special Cuts and Grooming For Pomeranian Dogs

Pomeranian dogs have luscious coats and lots of thick fur. It needs to be properly groomed to avoid matting and other problems. This double-layered coat needs regular brushing. First spray the coat with a gentle leave-in conditioner, then use a wider tooth comb rather than a brush to get rid of snarls. Then follow with a pin brush.

This comb then brush routine needs to be repeated every day or two to keep the fur tangle free and distribute the skin’s natural oils and avoids a buildup of dirt. Bathing can be done at home after brushing. The sink or bathtub with warm water a few inches high is ideal. Use a natural shampoo with conditioner and dry gently by dabbing the water away. Follow this with another gentle brushing and a treat.

The nearest pet groomer that the owner trusts can give advice on which cut will be best for an individual dog. The most used cuts are the classic long-haired look, the teddy bear cut, the puppy cut, or the lion cut.

Special Cuts and Grooming For a Maltese

This little dog is cute and has silky  hair that can be grown long and straight or cut short and allowed to be naturally curly. Keep this dog clean and healthy with regular gentle brushing and occasional baths with gentle shampoo and conditioner. Gently pat dry.

The dog can have several cut styles depending on how much time and effort the owner can give. The classic long cut allows hair to almost reach the floor. Shorter cuts include the puppy cut, the teddy bear cut, The Maltese bob cut, and the Maltese short cut.

In addition, many owners like to embellish the cuts with bows, top knots, braids and clips. The fancier the cut, the more often one needs to take the dog to the nearest pet groomer.

Choosing the Groomer and Getting the Best Price

Dog grooming can cost an estimated average of around $40.00 and more for each visit depending on the services rendered. If your dog has a cut that requires weekly or every other week trims, this can get expensive. The best practice is to do a little investigation of local dog groomers to find the ones with the best pricing and the best customer service ratings.

Look for sites online under the heading dog grooming specials near me, or call the chosen groomers and ask what grooming specials they are offering. The owner can save money by bathing their dog and brushing it out before getting a professional cut. Using the same local groomer regularly could mean better pricing. Life is easier and the dog and owner are happier with a good groomer on call.

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