How to Find a Dog Groomer worth Revisiting

Most dogs love being pampered, just like their owners, but grooming does a whole lot more for them. Each breed has its grooming procedures; from the moderate-coated golden retrievers and collies to your shorter sport-coated fox hounds and Labradors, pugs and mastiffs, to a host of petite breeds. Professional grooming can help prevent issues (potentially due to overlooked breed-specific details) like matting and most-importantly enable them to see and experience the world clearly. It also helps keep their coat in great shape, so they continue to look terrific. Those who are looking for groomers near me and who want to make sure their dog is in the best of shape will want to find the perfect professional groomer to fit their needs.

Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

Dog grooming provides a number of benefits for the dog and its owner. For the dog, grooming offers more than just a bath. It’s a chance to help their skin be healthier, help reduce the chance of matting, and help identify any abnormalities that need to be cared for quickly. It also includes care for their eyes, ears, paws, and more. Grooming helps them look and feel their best, so they’re ready for anything, whether that’s a night out with their owner or a run through the woods.

For the owner, grooming allows them to make sure their dog is properly cared for and looks great. Proper grooming will help ensure the dog looks good and is as healthy as possible, so they’ll live longer and be much happier. A healthy, happy dog is ready for just about anything, so the owner can take them along when they go for a drive, head out to the park to hang with their four-legged friends, or just want to go and do something together. Owners who love to take their dog wherever they go are going to appreciate having a dog that’s well-groomed and looks very nice. Wagging tails, bright smiles, shining coats and more, there lies a satisfaction in knowing a pup’s needs were met and they had a happy experience along the way.

Working with a Top Local Groomer

The key to proper grooming is to find a professional who will do a fantastic job and be worth revisiting in the future. Depending on the breed, it may be necessary to visit the groomer monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Instead of looking for a new groomer every time, look for one that offers a fantastic experience for the owner and the dog. This way the dog will get the care and attention they need, and the owner can feel comfortable that their dog is in good hands. The experience offered really does make a difference in the outcome of the grooming session and how the dog feels when everything is done.

Signs of a Fantastic Dog Groomer

Dog owners who are looking for a dog groomer they’ll love working with can look for a number of different signs. They should focus on the experience offered and the services their pet will receive. In general, they’ll want to review the groomer carefully and check out the services, products, and more. Then, they’ll want to see what the atmosphere of the groomer’s facility is like, what the dog thinks about the groomer, and how the dog looks and feels when they leave after the first visit. All of this together can let the owner know whether they’ve found a fantastic dog groomer.

Check Out the Services Offered

The right groomer is going to offer a lot more than just a dog wash. While a wash is part of the grooming done, they should offer a number of other services as well. This can include brushing, haircuts, treatments to reduce shedding, skin solutions, nail trimming, sanitary trims, face trims, teeth brushing, and more. The dog owner should check out all of the services available, even if they don’t need them all right now, so they can make sure the groomer offers everything they might need in the future.

Ask for a Tour Before the Appointment

It’s important to check out the facility and learn more about it before leaving the dog for their first grooming session. Take the time to meet the dog groomer, look around the area where the pup is held before the grooming and until they are picked up, and see where they will be groomed. Look for a facility that is willing to provide a tour and more information on everything at their facility.

See the Products They Use Take a look at all of the products the groomer will use. The products used by dog grooming places should be high quality, and they should avoid any harsh, chemical-filled products. Look for a groomer who uses gentle, natural shampoos and conditioners as this will help protect the dog from side effects and potential damage to their skin or fur. Ask questions about the types of products used and, if needed due to allergies or another reason, if there are alternatives.

Ask About Dealing with Anxiety

Some dogs may be generally anxious in a new place or around new people, so ask how the groomer will deal with the anxiety. They should have a plan they can implement to make the dog as comfortable as possible. For instance, they may spend time getting to know the dog before the grooming if the dog is scared of new people or frightened by the grooming equipment.

What Does the Dog Think?

The last thing to look for is how the dog feels when they’re done. Are they happy and feeling great when they leave the groomer for the first time? Are they best buds with the groomer and playing around? If the dog enjoyed the experience, it might be a groomer worth revisiting.  

Finding the right groomer can make a huge difference for the dog and their owner, but it isn’t always easy to do. If you’re looking for dog groomers near me, make sure you take the time to fully check out any potential groomers and see what your dog thinks. Since they’re the ones being groomed, they need to be impressed. Try out a groomer you like and try to gauge your dog’s opinion. If they’re happy, you’ve found that one professional groomer that might be worth revisiting again and again.

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