Dog Grooming Guidelines and Benefits

Several benefits await pet owners who opt to set up appointments at the local dog wash near me frequently. For example, these professional services ensure dog’s look and smell great, but professional dog nail trimming, washing, and grooming are also good for a pup’s health. 

While it may be tempting to let a German Shepherd’s or Terrier’s coat grow a bit (and the shaggy look is quite endearing), but it means more maintenance, and the possibility of coat-related problems. This is why experts recommend that dogs receive professional grooming services at least once a month. This is true for all dogs, regardless of size or coat type. 

Healthy Grooming is a Paw in the Right Direction

If a pet owner tries to handle grooming on their own or gets an untrained person to do this, the dog may wind up with skin irritations, cuts, and scratches. Remember, no one knows more about making a pet look their best than professional pet groomers. 

Additionally, professional dog grooming service providers can help find any wounds, lumps, or bumps on the pet’s skin, as well as any skin or ear infections. This is going to help a pet owner identify potential health issues a dog may have as early on as possible. This is going to help ensure that the condition won’t get worse or become fatal. 

When it comes to ear infections, groomers typically recommend that a dog is taken to the vet. This ensures that the infection is properly identified and treated. 

Stress-Free Nail Trimming for Dogs

Long nails on a dog are related to several issues. For example, they can cause discomfort for the dog while they are walking. This can cause them to walk in an abnormal way, which may result in arthritis or bone malformations if the problem isn’t treated. 

This means a dog is going to need to have their nails trimmed at least one time per month. For most dog owners, the nail trimming process may be a dreaded one. Some dogs don’t like having this done and owners may cut the nails too short. Professional groomers know how to ensure a dog is cooperative and the right way to cut their nails so that it’s not too short. Also, the professional will closely inspect the dog’s feet, finding any issues such as cracked or dry paw pads, tangled fur, or swelling. 

Professional Coat Care

If a dog’s coat is un-groomed, it can cause matted hair. For most dogs, this condition is extremely uncomfortable. If a dog has a fine or curly coat, it’s important to watch for matting. As time passes, the mats can lead to sores or become a hiding area for ticks or fleas. Regular grooming can prevent all these problems, and more. 

When professional grooming services are sought, it means less shedding, too. There is nothing worse than having a dog shedding all over the house or causing allergens in the space. The best way to eliminate the possibility of shedding is to take the dog to the groomers regularly. The professionals will remove any dander, along with loose hair, while they are grooming the dog. They are also going to give the dog the right “style” for the breed. 

Professional-Grade Grooming Supplies

Dog breeds have different needs. For example, a dog with longer hair needs different grooming supplies than dogs that have shorter hair. A professional groomer is aware of this and they will make sure the right grooming supplies are used for each dog to ensure irritation is avoided. 

Parasite Detection

A professional groomer is going to know right away if a dog has a parasite problem. They are going to check all over a dog’s body for fleas, along with other parasites, that may not be able to be seen with the naked eye. 

Sometimes, fleas are only noticed in the tub, and none come out alive. Ticks, on the other hand, are usually noticed while the dog is being towel dried or while other drying methods are being performed. A dog’s entire coat is carefully split and brushed during the grooming process, ensuring every issue is found and addressed. While doing this, the groomers are also going to remove the dead coat and look for any strange skin growths. It’s another way that groomers can find serious problems before they grow. 

Stool Signs and Guidelines

Here we will address the rear. Usually, a dog’s feces are firm. If the dog defecates, the glands empty. However, if their stools are soft, there is not enough pressure put on the glands. This may result in the glands not emptying and causing serious discomfort when the full gland pushes on the dog’s anus. 

While it’s possible for an owner to empty these glands, it’s best to let the vet or groomer do this. This is going to help maintain the canine’s hygiene and eliminate discomfort. 

Proper Massage Techniques

Most dogs can benefit significantly from getting a massage. A massage is going to help to stimulate the dog’s circulatory system and eliminate stressors. However, dog massages can be challenging if a person isn’t familiar with their muscle groups. Professional groomers are properly trained to give dogs a healthy and pleasurable massage. 

Fresh, Clean Scents and Smells

Regardless of what kind of dog a person owns, having them groomed on a regular basis has an array of benefits. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to see why professional grooming for any dog is such a smart investment. It’s going to pay off in the long run and lead to a happier pet and a happier owner.

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